Do you know the feeling when new gateways,
paths and horizons unfold in front of you? And suddenly the feelings
of fear and anxiety join, you doubt?

From my life experience I can tell, that this is a good moment to stop, look back and accept and honor the path which had led me all the way here with gratitude. Then I always feel that right Here and Now I can continue on my way forward with trust. Open up to new things, people, feelings and knowledge. To new adventure, experience and subsequent change, which again adds another facet to the diamond of happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.

ANDso my mission in life is to guide people through difficult moments on the path of personal growth and the associated transformation. Maybe you come for a massage with me, you sign up for one of the long-term programs of healing therapy Abumandra, or you get the impulse to learn healing techniques of mind and body work in the school “Tao of conscious touch”. You can attend regular lessons or weekends of traditional tantra yoga with its roots in the ancient Indian system Kaula, or you can come with me to yoga winter holidays in southern India, to the very source of this teachings. You always experience the basic principles of relaxation, healing and the joy of new experience. Each real and lasting change in our lives begins with releasing the old and by opening to the new. This is the message that comes from the depths of the ancient traditions of our planet as well as from the modern Tantric Shamanism, such as the quantum physics.

Most of us begin to feel that the right time for change is now.
I am looking forward to meet you

You always
experience five
basic principles:

  • relaxation of the body and mind…

  • healing the relationship with ourselves and others…

  • acceptance of our situation Here and Now…

  • sharing both feelings and silence…

  • the joy of new experience, new perspective on life and the world..

Do not hesitate to contact me and arrange a consultation.