Jayananda (Marcel Harazím)


“Being a sorcerer is not the pursuit of black magic, influencing people or possession by demons. Being a sorcerer means reaching the level of consciousness in which the impossible things become possible.”

Carlos Castaneda

My journey to myself began in early 1998 with an unconventional solution of the long-term health problem – for some 18 months lasting backache. The doctors of leading hospitals in Prague, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were at their wits’ end. My girlfriend at that time, who is now famous nutritional counseling specialist in the Czech and Slovak Republic cured me in ten days… by fasting !!!

This was the first and essential impulse to begin to doubt that all the “facts” and “truths” provided by our parents and by the educational system have actual value for a happy and healthy life. I became more interested in my body and its miraculous self-healing potential. I was discovering the charm of the Middle and Far East traditions, where I’ve lived and traveled extensively. I was working with the body and mind, yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, rituals and herbs of power… It all started to affect my view of life and of course also of myself for a very long time. Yet it took me four more years before I finally decided to leave a promising career as a gaming industry manager in the Middle East. After a year long work and study trip in India, Thailand and Laos I settled back in Bohemia in 2003 after seven long years.

I opened my own practice where I help people orientate and float in the sea of personal transformation, which can sometimes be very stormy. In collaboration with leading Czech and international therapists and teachers of personal development I created a reliable and safe net for those of you who are aware that individual experience guided by experienced facilitator/teacher/master is the highest quality on the path of understanding. In the season from April to December I work in Czech and Slovak Republic, occasionally also in Russia. The season from January to March I spend in southern India, where besides a well-deserved rest and studies I do individual work with clients from all around the world and within the Shri Kali Ashram I prepare and run program for the group of Czech people interested in the traditional tantric system of ancient India.

Swami Deva

Born under the zodiac sign of Aries with the Ascendant in Scorpio, according to the Chinese zodiac Pig, enneagram number 8.

  • Since 1998, intensive study and practice of the Far East massage techniques, shamanic healing, tantra and sacred sexuality of traditional cultures, including related methods of personal development

  • Since 2003 private practice in Czech Republic

  • The author of “Abumandra Healing Therapy”, combining massage, meditation, breathing and ritual techniques with the use of herbal essences

  • The internationally certified teacher of Thai massages, tantra yoga and sacred sexuality techniques of “Healing Tao” system, teaching it as a part of “Tao of conscious touch” programme

  • Inspirer and executive project manager of “Shamanic Clinic”, in collaboration with John Hawken shamanic lodges in the Czech Republic

  • The founder of „Fakeer Healing Temple“ – mobile massage, yoga and meditation project

  • Communication is possible in Czech, English, Russian and Hebrew

Important experiences while on the way to you

  • The school of bodywork in altered states of consciousness, Pacha, Deep and Nizzanim, Israel

  • Ayurvedic massages, Pappus’ massage school, Dharamsala, India

  • Tantra and Tantric massage, Mike Colleman, Dharamsala, India

  • Thai massages:
    LEVEL I: Foundation of Thai Massage
    LEVEL II: Intermediate Thai Massage
    LEVEL III: Advanced Sen – Energy Lines
    LEVEL IV: Advanced Therapeutic
    LEVEL V: Teacher Training – Training for teachers of Thai massages + 150 hours of teaching practice ITM, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Healing Tao, Universal Healing Tao Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Chinese pressure massage, Luang Prabang, Laos

  • Study of energy aspects of Thai massage, Master Pooh, Pai, Thailand

  • Initiation to ritual work with sacred herbs of power according to Tibetan bön tradition, Manesh Kali Milarepa, Dharamsala, India

  • Sports and fitness massage, Refit, Prague

  • School of reflexology according to the Pataky spouses, Prague

  • Initiation into the first degree of Reiki according to Usui system, Mirek Čapek, Prague

  • Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit: a one-year Tantra training, John Hawken, Czech Republic

  • Taoist erotic massage, John Hawken, Czech Republic

  • Tantric massage, John Hawken, Czech Republic

  • Medicine path – one-year training in shamanic healing, John Hawken, Czech Republic

  • International Certificate “Yoga Alliance” for traditional tantra yoga teachers, Shri Kali Ashram, Goa, India

  • Tantric initiations according to traditional Shaivism, Bhagavan Acharya Shanmukha Anantha Natha, Goa, India

  • One year long constellation training, Jan Bílý, Czech Republic

  • Training in Osho cathartic and Sufi techniques and healing system Hijama, Swami Darsh, Russia and India

  • Bioenergetic analysis and Reich character types, one-year training, John Hawken, Czech Republic

  • Deepdraining and therapeutic massage, one year training, Květa Palusková, Czech republic

  • Bodyterapeutical techniques, Eli Weidenfeld, Czech republic

  • I am currently undergoing a six-year psychotherapeutic training in biodynamic body-psychotherapy certified by ESBPE (Europäische Schule für Biodynamische Psychologie) under the aegis of the EABP (European Association for Body Psychotherapy) Mona Lisa Boyesen and Eli Weidenfeld, Czech Republic

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