Traditional Tantra Yoga

Traditional tantra yoga is powerful and healing combination of asanas (positions), breath work and meditation, which survived over thousand years in the underground lineages of Dravidian clans in the Eastern India, where are the roots of traditional tantra as well.

It is also known as Kaula or Kashmir Shaivaism. This precise and exact science about human beings as perfect manifestations of Absolute consciousness (God?!?) was brought to light in nineties by my beloved teacher Acharya Shanmugha Amatha Natha, tittled Bhagavan. This sage was practicing traditional form of tantra from his teenage years because of his grandparents, he was Kung-fu master and the author of books “Divine Initiation” and “Third Eye Of Buddhist”. He have founded Shri Kali Ashram in West East India, where he teaches students from all over the world.

Yoga has always been the gate into the world of all traditional teachings based on Vedic philosophy (Tantra, Agama, etc.)

These systems never worked primarily with human sexuality, how it is perceived by modern tantric movements of nowadays “New age“.  They were based on a belief that if we relax and cleanse our physical and spiritual reality by practicing yoga, meditation and breath work, our life and our understanding of ourselves will relax and clarify in all aspects. Thus also in the sexual aspect. And as we let our life to grow and flourish in its full potential, our sexuality also grows and flourish and it is transformed gradually from instinctual to conscious, sacred and healing.

In contrast to most of the yoga styles formed in last hundred years, traditional tantra yoga brings message of body relaxation, healing and meditation at the cellular level from the depth of past eras. By gentle and nonviolent practice of asanas while immersing deeply in the darkness and silence of the subconscious wisdom of the body, our perception of physical vital energy is magically expanded. As a byproduct it also fondly shifts boundaries of our flexibility, heals locomotor system and strengthen the muscles.

Experience a winter break
in southern India

And for those of you who would like to know not only this yoga style but also the place where they come from, there are adventurous “Winter Holidays in South India”, which I hold under the patronage of Shri Kali in January every year.