Fakeer Healing Temple

Who we are

Fakeer Healing Temple is a unique project for mobile massages, formed by the integration of the company FAKEER-energy drink (made on pure natural basis), and group of professional masseurs and bodyworkers, which is growing constantly. The basis of our offer are short relaxation massage, but with our team, we are able to enrich the program of your events with yoga lessons, chi-kung, guided meditations and lectures about healthy nutrition. We can be very flexible to meet any type of demand from the massage corners to the festival tent 4 x 6 meters with five massage places. We look forward to you and your guests at the event …

What we offer

Short relaxation massages in the length of 10-30 minutes for participants of your party, concert or festival. Used massage techniques are “dry” (Thai and Chinese pressure massage, shiatsu and reflexology), the client does not need to undress or worry about greasy clothes from massage oils. Massage are offered in favorable price conditions or by invoice for your guests for free. After the agreement there is a possibility to enrich your event program with yoga lessons, chi-kung, tai-ti or perhaps a lecture on healthy eating and cooking show.

Do not hesitate to contact me and arrange a consultation.